I am currently an aspiring scientist and in my spare time a journalist. I am also a recent graduate from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. I graduated Cum Laude with two degrees, one in Genetics and one in Journalism.

I hope to be a well known and respected scientist to encourage science literacy within my community. I believe by pursuing a graduate degree in genetics or some sort of computational biology is the next step in my journey. While I have spent many summers and internships devoting my time to journalism, I have recently fell back in love with science. I am a curious person and question everything; analyzing data and getting a result is the most rewarding experience to satisfy my curiosity.

When I tell people what I studied in college people often respond with puzzled looks but then I explain why science communication is important and then they understand. As many major publications have reported in the last couple years, science literacy is an issue in this country and needs to be addressed. Part of improving science literacy is making sure we as journalists explain scientific concepts as succinctly as possible.

In the future when I am a research scientist I hope to still be communicating with the community at large about the importance of understanding research and why research is a necessary part to communities.




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